Press Release 20/11/2009

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On Wednesday November 18th one day after the celebration of Polytechnio (the uprising against the Greek junta in the Polytechnich school of Athens in 1973) the police invaded, for no substantial reason, the offices of the movement in the defense of the immigrants' and refugees' rights. The goal was twofold. On the one hand to intimidate the refugees themselves by arresting the Sudani refugee Abdala Abdala, known in the society of Patras for his political struggles. On the other hand there was an effort to terrorize the pro refugee and pro immigrant political movement.


Abdala, since his arrival in Patras, is leading the actions of the Sudani refugees for their legalization and improvement of their living conditions. He has an active political role both in his home country, where he is persecuted for his political beliefs, as well as here in Patras. Singled out for his activist actions (various mobilasations and representation of the refugees in the media and local society), one day after his participation in the march for the Polytechnio with the block of the refugees and solidarity, is being punished by the Police for this action. He remains imprisoned in the police headquarters cells, facing the threat of deportation in a country in which his life is at risk because of his anti dictatorship actions. In his person the police has discovered the "enemy" to society, perhaps to cover the embarassement from the double bank robbery that took place the same day in the center of Patras. Nonetheless Abdala is not alone. On his side stand the people of Patras that resisit the policies of econommic restrain and xenophobia. Soon the role of those who react to the refugee and immigrant integration in the social life of this land will be revealed. We denounce the overt and without court warrant invasion of the police forces in the offices of the movement, a matter on which we call on any political agent and union to make a statement.


We fight for the uncoditional release of the persecuted activist Abdala Mohamed Abdala. We call every citizen of Patras to actively prove his solidarity to the Sudani activist and to all refugees in this city.

We resist the climate of refugee terrorization and criminalization of their political action.